Mattila Porvoo Oy – For industry and building technology. The whole spectrum of electrical, telecommunications and data network installations.


We do electrical, telecommunications and data network installations for industry and building technology based on our solid expertise and over 20 years of experience. We are a reliable and trustworthy company whose diverse range of services guarantees the desired end result, even in the most demanding projects.

We maintain our professional skill and keep up with ever-changing regulations by constantly training our staff. Our 30+ professionals are at your service!

At your service

A wide range of electrical and ICT installation for industry and public construction.

Proven expertise

We have achieved a lot in over 20 years. See our references below.

We are listening

Our bosses are always available. Send them a message or call them!

Contact information

Mattila Porvoo Oy, Kilpilahti Industrial Area, 06850 Kulloo. We are located in the Kilpilahti contractor area.

Our e-mail addresses are in the form firstname.lastname[a]

  • Chief Operating Officer Jari Hänninen, tel +358 40 534 0827
  • Project Manager Tero Andersson, tel +358 50 312 0411
  • Project Manager Antti Lemmetty, tel +358 40 709 8996
  • Assistant Miska Ahleskog, tel +358 41 504 3140
  • CEO of Insta Automation and Mattila Porvoo Oy Henry Nieminen

Mattila Porvoo in a nutshell

Mattila Porvoo Oy was established in 1995.
We currently employ 32 people.
Turnover in 2019 was about €4.9 million.
Our offices are located in the Kilpilahti contractor area in Porvoo.
Our company is a member of the Electrotechnical Employers’ Association STTA and the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland STUL. We are part of Insta Group as a result of a corporate acquisition carried out in 2014.


We let our references speak for themselves:

  • Infratek, M180 10KV:n area cabling 2018-20
  • Neste Oy, sewage plant cabling and field installations 2019-20
  • Neste Oy teknologia, emission laboratory AD mode electrification 19-20
  • Kilpilahti powerplant, electrical installation of an old power plant field 2017-18
  • Neste Oy, process electrification for water utility 3, 2017-18
  • Aurora kilpilahti, regional cabling in the artificial lake area 2017-18
  • Neste Oy, field cabling of SDA unit 2016-17
  • Neste Oy, seasonal contract work for electrical installations 1994-2004, 2006-
  • Viessmann,  refrigeration cabling in shopping malls and supermarkets 2006-
  • Osla Varuboden, service and maintenance work 2005-
  • Renor Oy, the electrification of Porvoo’s Employment Office 2014
  • Borealis Polymers Oy, renewal of the fire alarm system at the plastics plant 2014
  • ABB Oy, 110 KV cabling between the Borealis transformer substations 2014
  • Norpe Suomi Oy, several cabling jobs for shopping centre refrigeration equipment 2006-2014
  • Kannonnokka Oy, electrification of restaurant facilities 2013
  • Neste Oil, cabling for distribution terminal area 2013
  • Neste Oil, electrification of TL 3 support facilities and KH 10 building 2012
  • OK Osla Hlg, electrical installations for Rosso 2011
  • Ensto Finland, electrical work for the Kuuku Hall and laboratory facilities 2011
  • Neste Oil, electrification of central laboratory building 2010
  • Arla Ingman, electrification of dispatch department building extension 2009
  • Neste Oil, renewal of access control system at the Porvoo Refinery 2009
  • Borealis Polymers Oy, access control system for petrochemical and plastics plants 2009
  • Borealis Polymers Oy, electrification of the Aurora laboratory building 2008
  • Neste Oil, electrification of Bio-Diesel OSBL pre-treatment facilities 2007

Invoicing information

Electronic invoices:

  • E-invoice address: 003710157343
  • Operator code: 003708599126 (Liaison Technologies)
  • OVT code: 003710157343

Delivered by email: laskut.pori[a]

Delivered by mail: Rantalainen Pori, Mattila Porvoo Oy,
c/o Rantalainen Pori Oy, Pohjoisranta 11 D, 28100 Pori

Invoicing contact person: miska.ahleskog[a], 041 504 3140 Accounts Payable contact person: kaisa.tahtinen[a]